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My sincere apologies to anyone who tried to contact me last year at my old email address.  I had both personal and ISP problems which took far too long to resolve and was consequently off line most of the year.

For those who would like to purchase my fractal images, I will be posting dates and places where I’ll be selling them in person on this page.  I’d love to meet you!



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How to start with Fractal Art

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Simply stated, fractal pieces of art are graphical representations of mathematical equations. Fractal art has basically infinitely diverse forms, lighting, color, and detail level. Due to its mathematical basis, a fractal may contain infinite detail: theoretically, you can zoom in and out a fractal without any limit. Fractals are self-similar without being identical, and certain regions of fractals look similar to some other regions. In the 1980s, new computer technological developments unleashed a phenomenal new direction of art that was...

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Famous Fractal Artists

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Today, you can find hundreds of digital artists all across the world who are making art that is incorporating fractal elements, and all these artists come with their own styles. Just take a look how many fractal art examples are on Pinterest or check out this video: While algorithmic art is objectively showing the mathematical or geometric structure in a highly pleasing aesthetic way, there are also fractal artists who are daring to take it all to the next level and use fractal elements in their artworks that are appealing in a subjective way...

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Fractals, Tangible Witchcraft., Meditation and Prayer

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We live in a country in which many are deeply religious, yet so few actually know about religion. According to a recent survey, not only do Americans know very little about people of other faiths and what they believe, they also know precious little about their own religions! That’s why I am glad for this new project, called Faithbook: PBS (the Public Broadcast System, a TV station that is supported by donations (rather than advertising), for those readers outside the US) is hosting a new feature on their website, called Faithbook....

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Learning UltraFractal

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My love affair with web graphics started shortly after I did my first homepage back in June of 2012. It was a simple page, made up of graphics I found surfing the net. People on the web are incredibly generous in putting up great graphics and everything you need for a decent page can be grabbed with your browser or an ftp program. The one limitation I ran up against very quickly was the size of the graphic. So I bought JASC Paintshop Pro from their website. It turned out to be a lucky choice. Not only could I re-size graphics, but I could add...

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No Artist Is An Island

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It’s true.  We are all searching our “unique artistic voice” so that, as artists, we can make an impact on our community and one day, the world.  Many people want to “separate themselves from the pack” and be on their own path. But just because we want to be individuals in art – doesn’t mean we have to do it alone. Look at all the great artists of our history.  Many of the famous creators from our past and present hung out with each other, learned from each other and collaborated with each other. They understood that creating great art means...

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Fractal Art

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Fractal Art consists primarily of mathematically-inspired, computer generated, abstract images that, in a very powerful way, are reflecting the beauty and intensity of mathematics, a facet that’s often overshadowed by the subject’s dry analyses and formulas. Fractal Art images are generated by using fractals, and fractals are generated by repeatedly iterating a simple formula that uses complex numbers, meaning numbers that include 2 parts that correspond to a computer screen’s two dimensions. These fractal images can be...

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Fractal Art Exercise 3

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There is no easy answer to your questions on iteration traps and patterns. It is important to separate the two issues in your own mind. They are completely different and independent concepts. Patterns originated as a routine called Cross Stitch that I never published. The reason I didn’t publish it is that I knew that it would have to be used in conjunction with some sort of masking routine in order to be effective and I realized that it would be better to combine them. Since I had already written Iteration Traps, it made sense to...

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Fractal Art Exercise 2

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Select the eyedropper and click on the image somewhere near the center. The screen should go mostly, if not all, to the solid color. Put a decimal point before the 1 in the width input box. Now it reads 0.1. If nothing happened, put a zero between the decimal point and the 1, making it 0.01. Keep doing this until you see a (Solid color) stripe. This stripe will be up and down in your fractal. See also this video: Now, put the same number in the height box and you’ll have a circle. If you select the rectangle shape, it will change to a...

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Fractal Art Exercise 1

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Try… 1. Moving to the left by setting translation to -0.5 2. Moving to the left by setting location to -0.5 In the first case you can see the image shift within the sphere which it does not do in the second case. It’s a little confusing to visualize what’s happening here and that makes it hard to describe. Anyway, here’s a try at it and the nest video may also help: When you move the ball to the side using the Translation value, the image is changed as if you stay in one place while the ball moves...

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About Fractals

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In a fundamental way, fractals are merely shapes, just like circles, triangles, and squares are shapes. Yet, fractals are so different from the more common shapes that we know. You can tell immediately that fractals are very different. Circles, for example, are smooth, and we can see that even more precisely if we look at all the time smaller image of pieces of a circle: When the magnification of the piece of the circle increases, the circle’s edges will flatten out to eventually get indistinguishable from straight lines. For a smooth...

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